Which photographers influence you and your thinking, or approach?
There are so many amazing photographers both locally and around the globe that inspire me. A couple in particular are natural light photographers Gabe McClintock and Ben Sasso. As a natural light photographer I sometimes find myself only wanting to shoot during golden hour but seeing their photographs and use of shadows and various types of light pushes me to be creative during each session.

Exactly what do you want to say with your photographs?
I want people to feel something when they view my work. I try and capture natural moments and bring out the emotion in whoever is in front of my camera. I tend to shoot a bit underexposed as well which helps create the mood I’m going for.  

How does black and white vs colour play into your work? Do you find them to be separate or complementary?

I have always been drawn to black and white images and tend to edit more of my work in black and white, but my clients tend to love images in colour. It definitely forces me to pay extra attention to the colour of the clothing my subjects are wearing and the surroundings to know what will work with my editing style.